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The first evidence of a rifle club in Armidale came from a report in the Armidale Express on the 2nd September 1865 which stated that a number of gentlemen had assembled and agreed to the establishment of a rifle club in Armidale, and a committee was appointed to prepare rules for the running of the rifle club.

The rifle club as we know it today was formed in 1885 as the Armidale Volunteer Rifle Company and a rifle range reserve No 2865 was notified on the 8th January 1887 which became known as the Long Swamp Road Rifle Range...

Rifle matches every Sunday from 10am at the Wollomombi Rifle Range! Visitors most welcome


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On Sunday the 22nd October 2017 Armidale Rifle Club held their 600 yard competition. Eight competitors took part. It was a great day except for a boiling mirage tricky little wind and the targets covered in cloud and unable to get a clear sight picture. In target rifle Isabelle shot 94.4. In FTR David shot 107.1. The winner in F-Class Standard was Bob with a score of 110.2. It was a great tussle in F-Class Open with Andrew scoring 115.7. Needless to say Andrew used Derry’s rifle. Target Rifle Isabelle Cameron 46.2 48.2 94.4 F-Class Standard Bob Thrift 53.1 57.1 110.2 David Willis 54.2 51.1 105.3 F-Class Open Andrew Cameron 59.2 56.5 115.7 Derry Crisp 56.4 59.2 115.6 Mitch Foster 56.1 56.3 112.4 Jock Foster 59.3 53.0 112.3 Matt Foster 56.1 56.1 112.2 FTR David Willis 56.1 51.0 107.1 The Armidale Rifle Club next competition will be 700 yards on Sunday 29th October commencing at 10 am sharp. If you are interested in target rifle shooting as a sport please go to the Armidale Rifle Club website at for contact details and range location. All people will be most welcome.

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